Sally Pray

Jewelry in Glass by Sally Pray

Sally’s passion for glass started at a young age while growing up in Hudson Wisconsin at the old, “Wells Fargo, Pony Express Hotel” with her nine siblings, watching her mother create stain glass.

            She enrolled in her first stain glass class eleven years ago which continued to stir her passion, leading her into “fusing” glass and making jewelry. She is self-taught with the exception of a class by international instructor, Patty Gray. What makes Sally’s work so unique is the technique of decorating the front and back of her pieces. Her motto is, “You gotta look good whether you’re coming or going.” Sally’s work is a reflection of her heart and soul and, her ability to craft her work such that no two pieces are alike.

            Last year her work was entered in an Art Guild exhibit receiving first and third place awards. Her jewelry is displayed in several boutiques, stores and art shows.  Her jewelry is being sold and shipped internationally. She and three other artisans from Washington State also won the poster contest representing a local art show. Several years ago she sold her jewelry to Maria Shriver and Oprah Winfrey. Sally’s additional passions are mosaics, painting, working with clay and gardening.

            Her best visions come to her gazing out of her studio window overlooking the water of Saratoga Passage and the majestic Olympic Mountains in Washing State. Sally is a very skilled artist, and it shows in the beauty of her work!