King Butler

Unicus Creations (A Unique Experience in Ethnic Art)

Owners:           King and Mary Butler; King Butler – Artist

Address:          3506 Oakes Avenue, Unit 1, Everett, WA  98201

Phone(s):        (425) 344-0431 – King; (425) 344-0359

In business since 1992 when King Jr. first recognized his gift of taking God’s creations and crafting them as his own, Unicus Creations has been showcased throughout the Greater Northwest.  From hand carved back scratchers and walking sticks to beaded jewelry, Unicus Creations strives to maintain its individualism in a world of mass production by ensuring that each creation is one of a kind, emphasizing both the uniqueness of the buyer as well as the artist.  Please journey with us as we link the heavens and the earth.