Arnie Moreno

Arnie is the oldest of five children in a Mexican-American family that settled in Walla Walla, WA from Texas. Mexican and Latino themes have influenced his art since he was a little boy. 

His expression through watercolor is his favorite medium, and this continues during his current exploration of Japanese Sumi style painting.

In addition to his love of art and family, Arnie has a love for activity and education.  His accomplishments include:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Fine Arts and Chicano Studies
  • Master’s Degree in Education
  • 30+ years of teaching and coaching in WA
  • 2008 “Coach that makes a Difference” Award presented by King 5 sports
  • 2007 “Educator of Excellence Award” presented by Washington State University
  • 2005 “Girls Tennis Coach of the Year” presented by Seattle Post-Intelligencer